May 22, 2010
Ahead of me stretches the path of barren dreams
Across this wasteland where throats utter silent screams
drowning under the waters of stolen breath
Distorted beneath the surface they lie still as death

Their empty gaze scream more pain than voices ever could
Watching, helpless to their suffering I stood
playing the limping silhouette
I laugh, and a fake warmth comes from an empty chest
and the day continues without stop without rest

the shadows are creeping with a sickly grace
their vacant smiles
waiting for our last embrace

but the look in your eyes
melts the pain like a softened sigh
with our hands intertwined
the world becomes blind
and all i see is you and i
and a love the world
will fail to destroy

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darkpersonality said...
Jul. 10, 2010 at 11:23 am
this is really good!
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