Fallen Hero

May 22, 2010
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You were everything to me.
My hero in plain sight,
No mask to hide from the evil that was to be fought.
Adoration and love were all I could feel for so long.
I’ve been trying my whole life to impress you,
I did anything to grab your attention.
I’d run up to you smiling.
I was so thrilled,
Happy and ecstatic for what I’d done.
Yet, you looked right through me
Never even acknowledged my existence.
Gave me that fowl look and glared,
Pointed to my mistake.
My heart sank.
I stood there, looking up at you.
With tears in my blue eyes
I finally saw who you really were.
No longer my hero,
Now the villain in my way.
I found your kryptonite.
You no longer have power over me.
Thanks to your fall into darkness,
I found my own light.

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BeautifulDisaster said...
Aug. 9, 2010 at 12:19 am
Amazing! I love you! (:
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