A Mother's Dream

May 22, 2010
By Mary Campbell BRONZE, Oakville, Ohio
Mary Campbell BRONZE, Oakville, Ohio
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Have you ever clung to a desire for so long
that your eyes saw nothing else?
The most beautiful part of life is the ability to dream
To fight for something, no matter how impossible it may seem

Like the mother reaching out towards the stars
Wishing for her youngest son to return home
She stretches with all her might
soon realizes she cannot reach that far
The mother does not cry,
She simply sits there

The war continues, day after day
But she continues to wish upon that star

This mother does not cry,
she is content hoping for tomorrow.

The author's comments:
There is a lot of talk about war and I just feel bad for those families with a loved one out to war. Then I started thinking about a mother and how horrible and nerve wrecking it would be to have your son's or daughter's in such danger and not knowing what could happen.

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