What I got from a pen and paper...

May 21, 2010
By Frosty BRONZE, Greenfield, Indiana
Frosty BRONZE, Greenfield, Indiana
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I don't know what to say, but I feel the need to write anyway. I feel the need to talk…I’m not even clear about what. I know there was something I wanted to say, but the thought seems to have evaporated. I'm not sure why exactly I feel disconnected...maybe I just have too much on my mind that I can't speak...or I just don't know how...I can't say I’m depressed, maybe just overwhelmed and I have lost all motivation to do what needs to be done. My heart strives for many things, but I’m just not sure. Every time I look in the mirror it's as if every flaw has its own spotlight, so they can be announced to the world...People say I’m too hard on myself, but I just don't know. Right now I write freely on this piece of paper...I don't have to worry about being perfect...this paper loves my flaws…It craves my flaws...because with my flaws I can share them and write them out. A piece of paper is just a piece of paper...unlike me it craves imperfections...to be different. NO...I love to be different, but sometimes I feel too abnormal. This pen and paper love me...not for my hair, clothes, or makeup. For a piece of paper is blind, all it can do is feel...You may say the paper loves the pen, but truly it loves the writer...not the pen. If I’m all alone, I grab a pen and paper, and suddenly it's like someone's arms have been wrapped around me. All of us weather you believe or not were created by God. As I sit here I try to think...what is the point? We all go through things for what? We began with nothingness, but yet there is life...Why did it start? I'm so amazed that one man, one God created this world. It's the feeling of being in an airplane high in the air, with your window open weaving your hands through a cloud. God is everywhere...my paper, my pen, my hands. God is here and if you think about it, he's never left. The world was once cold, but yet god brought us here…right here. Someday I swear, I'm going to die and go to heaven and stare at God as he smiles so warmly ...I know I’m loved. God created you...me…us. You know, you can play fake all you want, but there in that moment over the rainbow, when you look at God and he looks at you...Are you really going to mask yourself then? He knows us better than we do. Contrary to what some have said, we live ONE life, maybe they are right...maybe they're right, maybe we will live more than one, but in each life we only get ONE chance to live it right. So just for a second think bliss...think of the sky...think of your life…your choices. God made this beauty, too bad that beauty is being over thrown with Satan's wicked people, producing upon wicked thoughts. Think of life...think how blessed we are to feel, like this paper we feel...We all feel love, hurt, happiness, surprise, and many other feelings..We are provoked by what we see and hear...let's take an example from this paper...people write dirty things, but yet this paper doesn't change. Yes the paper's appearance changes, but never its meaning. So ignore evil people; you can tolerate...but never give in...like the paper. Funny how I had nothing to say, but yet so much came out with the little magic of pen and paper

The author's comments:
My mind and hand had such a craving for writing, so I wrote this during study hall. It starts off not knowing what to write, but then my thoughts and words just flow out.

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