May 21, 2010
By Anonymous

Eating away until there is nothing left,
Hopelessly scratching at the inner walls,
Until it breaks the surface.
It leads you away from your world,
Leaving you with an empty personality,
An empty heart
Taking you away from people you love,
Silence becomes the answer to those who surround you,
Denial becomes the answer to the person inside you,
Tearing you away from the things you used to love,
While you revert to the things you think you love.
Hope gradually fades away,
For that one moment of pleasure.
When nothing else matters,
When everything that people tell you doesn't matter,
When you have no care in the world,
Except the one engrossing you,
This monster wins,
It beats you,
You lose.
Without realization,
You condemn yourself to failure.
Over and over again,
It controls you,
It overpowers you,
It becomes you.
All of this,
For that one moment,
that destructive pleasure
That lack of discipline
That loss of sensibility
That eternal obsession
So simple
So complete
Yet so empty.

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