Disarray (Venom)

May 21, 2010
By Djoverst BRONZE, Columbia, Kentucky
Djoverst BRONZE, Columbia, Kentucky
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I can’t believe how I fell for your tricks again
You brought me in close
Then brutally ripped my heart from my chest
You then turned away and kissed him as if nothing happened
It’s not like your words were a sweet taste in my mouth
I guess you don’t know what love is
You heartless waste of angels skin
Soft to the touch, but one touch is venomous
It’ll kill you slowly.
It killed me faster than most venom would.
Deadlier than a snake.
A broken heart made shattered.
My whole life is in disarray
It’s all because you have gone astray.
You have led me on for the last time.
I no longer fall for your lies
Hope he makes you happy
Cuz I won’t be here if he doesn’t.
Go and run your mouth
Mine will stay shut
‘Cause I’m not as heartless as you.
And never will be.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a girl who led me on and then dated one of my good friends.

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