This Is Our Generation

May 21, 2010
By Cody Childers BRONZE, Milton, West Virginia
Cody Childers BRONZE, Milton, West Virginia
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T.V. is our education
Automated teenagers drive automobiles on illegal autobahns
as our minds are evaporated into smoke
Failed kidneys pump impurities from damaged souls that cry out for attention
Hazy minds spark rebellion into an explosion of ignorance and hate
No common goal No common enemy We blindly march on

A fear of love starts mass hysteria as abusive lovers bring ugly colors into porcelain skin which shatters into a million pieces as victims cry out for help
They had done nothing wrong
Not just physical but mental blows are exchanged
Playing mind games with smoke and mirrors
Magic tricks we know do not exist
Mind freaks and amateur Chris Angels astound others with their skill and abilities to harm others
and themselves
They feel powerful for once in their life

Social butterflies crash into venus fly-traps that we know as popularity acceptance and love
Celebrities are our false idols and living representations of God
We follow the flow of the group and the waves the celebrities make to keep out heads above water
while those who are still original are drowned in the undertow
Disney movies create false images of romance
Too simple Too innocent These movies fail to teach us a vital lesson in life
Love is not easy
Acceptance is craved popularity is our aspiration
and love is a lure that brings us into the jaws of death

This is our generation...
Unsung, unknown, and unloved...
Originality is dead...
Our hearts have bled out from constant breaks...
No love for fellow man, no love for our earth, no love for ourselves...

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