C'est la Vie

May 21, 2010
By Mia_Stinetuck PLATINUM, Covina, California
Mia_Stinetuck PLATINUM, Covina, California
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"I use to get high on life, til I found it was cut with morons"

whites get stained
blacks fade away
time fixes nothing
news a one time thing

old’s a different shade of grey
and honey, at present
I’m ever so oddly couleured grey

and the past,
looking back
it must have been painted in hazed ben gay
the dots, those dreams-

but that’s too much structure
for this chaotic spread
bitter hatred, the sole couleur
trapped in my head

in a polyscope of brilliant hues
i found ease in waving,
au revoir à vous

bitter disappointment though,
i discovered, then found
you’re too deep
to let the surgeon throw-

you both knew how I felt
before it was exicuted up on that rack,
that heart lay down on my sleeve
with no justice nor honor to stab me in the back

you both had knives,
thrown through, chest wide open
that shirt, my trust
stained and faded away

regret mingled
with passive distain

can hope be black?
if it encompasses all
or is the thereof, lack?


but time still wastes away,
this pointed finger, drawn of dismay
as you ignore, everything I don’t say
you devour each other-
making love on my fort sumtner

such is the game you play

c’est la vie

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