my guy

May 21, 2010
i'm in love with him.
but he doesn't know.
he's in love with her.
but she doesn't know.
loving him it's like a drug.
but he doesn't see it,
he doesn't see me,
he see's her.
but she doesn't see him,
how can he not know?,
that i'm the one who love's him?,
he keeps on loving her,
and i keep on loving him,
maybe one day,
he'll come to me.
and love me,
but for now,
he love's her,
and i love him,

he's with her now,
every night,
he finally told her,
turns out,
she loved him to,
now there together,
while i'm sitting,
and watching,
wishing he loved me,
nut knowing,
he loves her,

she dumped her,
he was crushed,
i was there for him,
still loving him,
he still loved her,
i told him,
i loved him,
he looked at me,
and said,
that he always loved me,
said he thought,
i didn't love him,
so he dating her,

now we're together,
six month's,
i finally got my guy,
and we're in love,
i guess if,
you never open,
yourself up,
you'll never know,
i let myself fall,
and now i'm happy,
and in love,
with my guy

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