My Life Story

May 21, 2010
By Samantha Bracht BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
Samantha Bracht BRONZE, Osceola, Wisconsin
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The first time we saw you,
we were scared, confused, lonely.
The first time you left us we felt
Death loneliness, tears, weak
The second time we saw you
We felt alive, happy, full (together)

Feeling lonely and week came back to me,
the day I knew I wont be with my friends,
not just my friends but my family.

Best friends bringing a newborn into the world is
the best thing that could have happened,
Hayden Rose is as blossomed
as a blossomed rose. The scent of the baby is as
Clean as pured water, as fresh as detergent.

Sisters are sisters, are aunts, are friends, they’re there
For you, through the good, and bad.
So for saying that I am here to be an aunt, and help
You through your flaws, to listen, to talk.

To touch me is questionable, to feel me is a sacrifice
To hold me is a stretch, to kiss me is to far.
To like me is a ridiculous, and to love me is a flaw.

Your stomach dropping, going down the hill,
You’re going crazy, like stinging bees.
Your eyes are closed seeking jesus, your nose
Is smelling the sweet mini donuts
Your stomach is dropping, going on the Wild Thing.

Playing a game that you have never played,
Is as confusing as a lost elephant.
Kicking the ball, scoring your first goal,
Is as joyful as watching a 3 year old
Open there first Christmas present

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