Spring Senses

May 21, 2010
By Anonymous

I feel the warm sun rays on my back
I feel the breeze on my back
I feel the grass between my toes while barefoot
I feel the tickle of the grass when I lay on my back
I feel the light in my eyes making me squint

I taste Fresh lemonade in my mouth on a hot day
I taste the hot burgers fresh off the grill
I taste strawberries in the fruit salad
I taste the saltwater from my Aunts’ pool
I can even taste the warmth when my mouth dries out

I hear the birds singing in the trees and the air
I hear kids yelling and cheering as they play
I hear the crack of the baseball on the bat
I hear the waterfall rushing down the ledge
I hear my dogs barking as someone walks by

I smell the flowers on the ground
I smell the burgers cooking on the grill
I smell the saltwater in the pool and my noise
I smell the grass freshly cut and wet
I even smell the tangy scent of lemonade

When I look through the window I see Spring
I see kids in shorts and tank tops playing in water
I see the geese flocking back from the south
I see flowers blooming on the apple tree
I see heat waves rising of the road

I Don’t see lockers opening and closing
I Don’t hear the bell at the end of the hour
I Don’t smell overly used perfume from freshman girls
I Don’t taste the school lunch food every day
I Don’t touch homework for the rest of this season

Spring is the season we’ve entered
School’s out for good until next fall at least
But before that we still have to get through summer
And then fall to spring and then it starts all over again

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