The Chocking Game

May 21, 2010
By tightpoet BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
tightpoet BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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As Chase walks through the shadows of death
He can hear the perished souls calling for him.
He is known at the graveyard,
Every day he sits by his brother’s grave,
Thinking over and over that if he would have been watching his brother Jake,
Instead hanging out with his girlfriend,
He might have had the chance to stop him from
Tying the belt around his neck
This new game of chocking yourself
Just for two minutes of the world disappearing had claimed Jake’s life.
Jake must not have been thinking about the suffering he would
Put his family through, but his death didn’t upset Chase at all. Everyone thinks Chase is broken by his brother’s death,
But for some dark reason, he can’t cry.
He hasn’t shed a tear or felt bad because of it.
He sits in front of Jake’s grave every day,
Hoping that finally, his emotions will show, but he always fails.
Today is different, today; he can’t take it anymore,
Chase grabs a belt that he has taken from home and slowly
Ties it around his neck, he is choking, gasping for air,
Struggling, but the belt is stuck.
As he takes his last few breaths, he starts to realize that
Jake is watching him.
His brother is watching him choke while laughing hysterically.
Chase finally realizes why he couldn’t cry, it’s because he can’t cry for a soul, that’s going straight to Hell.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by a kid who attended my little cousin's school who passed because of this game. The names are fake.

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