Open Flames

May 31, 2010
By DepartedxDestinies GOLD, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
DepartedxDestinies GOLD, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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Your skin is so cold
yet your heart is still beating.
Angel you will forever be
so cunning yet decieting.
Yet i will die alone
where no sun can reach me.
Falling down into the fire
where the birds shall feed me,
and burn my skin will burn
dying as you deciet me.
Falling lower into the coal
so my ashes can feed thee.
Yet another year
the wind will come,
and crying letters will fall
from an opec sky.
But no one will hear you cry,
above the ashes
which were once my own.
Where i died with out the sight of your soul,
where i cried without life to spare.
Because of you my soul is gone from there.
My body cursed to move on,
wandering lost and not ot be found.
Love should not be a word from my mouth
yet it was once a deep song.
My body moves within the core
where my ashes will forever burn,
and above my ashes where i once was
you are forever cursed to cry above.
To see the sight of my body dying,
burning in the fires yearning.
As the birds feed my lowly prying,
so my death even more painfully bringing.
Your selfless trials that i attained.
I once cried for your ordained
high and mighty pride you saved
for yourself and sacrifice I became.
For your hopeless lust your words
stabbed me further
then your sharpest sword.
For then I might be sacrifice
to your ordained pride
once in my life.
Once again you caused me to die,
once again my tears did cry.
I hurt you too
because in the fire i died
alone without you,
it took your pride.
And now you cry
for in your vain i died.
You feeling of terror is now my desire,
I laugh because your pride
is now my power.

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