A simple wish, a horrid memory and a nightmare of all this.

May 31, 2010
By DepartedxDestinies GOLD, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
DepartedxDestinies GOLD, Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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Tears fall down at a momentuos pace,
the hour of death draws nearer.
I see a smile draw across your face,
the closer i come the more I can see it clearer.
Tears fall down my face for I know,
this is the simplest dream I have always had.
But I will never come to seem
walking down with your smiling face starring straight at me.
The hour of my death approaches,
as the tears fall down my solom face.
I hum an old lulaby as I slowly come to know
I am slowly awaking but I want to hold on.
I slowly walk down this row,
coming closer to your face.
Tears rolling down my eyes,
I am realizing the reason why.
As I slowly start to dissappear,
you grab for me but it is clear.
I am disappating from this dream,
At last I hear you scream with tears,
pouring down your face.
A ring drops with bloody lace,
I see a full moon bow down its head as the screaming unfurls.
I wake up and its all a dream,
a screaming nightmare I will always see.
Never to see you smile again,
that is my nightmare,
that is my scare

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