New Dawn

May 31, 2010
Voices scream,
they leave me in a daze.
As I am stranded here,
out in the rain.
Worry is not a single,
simple thought in my mind.
All I want to know is...
why the sky cries.
When the rain falls down ,
to touch the sea.
I see the tears fall to the ground,
just to dry alongside me.
I crash into the waves,
as the force throws me down,
I stare.
All I see is the moons sad face,
touching the sea. I have to frown.
Hearing these voices,
as they scream at the walls,
that keep me safe all night long.
Rocking as the tears do fall ,
voices screaming in the background.
The worlds waves crashing into me,
yet I feel no fear as the danger comes straight through me.
The devil walks in the water,
grasping for me,
yet he will never reach me.
Finally the sun has risen,
as the moon says its goodbyes.
The waves are calm,
as I glide through the dawn.
I turn and see the last tear fall,
then I smile it is a new dawn.

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