what is me

May 30, 2010
By katnix BRONZE, San Bernardino, California
katnix BRONZE, San Bernardino, California
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what is me
this time, it's going to be easy
check everything to make sure
it's alright.
I'm not going to stutter,
or shake,
or cry.
I will speak clear.

Maybe I'll try to laugh-
as if anyone is actually listening.
It doesn't matter to me,
because I'm going to go anyways;

to the City of My Dreams.
It's not about them
it's about me.

I'm going to keep it together
even if they laugh,
or sleep,
or say I'm not being


what do you mean, realistic?

it's about my dreams;
for once, I'm not going to worry about
what they think,

because I know

what is me.

The author's comments:
copying and pasteing has messed the orininal format so if you have any questions just ask...
this poem is about finding myself while not letting the opnions and pressures of others affect me.
this is a free verse, which means to me that there are no specific rules, and more like a personal preference :)
i feel like every one has been here before, whether your fear is public speaking, or you're standing up for youself, or maybe defending what you believe in

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