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May 30, 2010
By counterintuitive BRONZE, Saint John, Other
counterintuitive BRONZE, Saint John, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I am not young enough to know everything. -Wilde

create us
we are stories and poems
the lyrics dribbling from your soaked lips
we are performed and told
write us down
as soon as you think of us
and you thoughts will be lucid
your feelings might be understood
if you give us the chance

abuse us
we are fetal jewels
concieved in the ovens of your consciousness
we can be hideous and filthy
like worms
we can crawl in behind you fragile eyes
and make salt pour from them

use us
we will scream from the top of your lungs
and grab your audience by the eyes
put us together
because we are a choir who sing
the anthems that rise in your blood
and fizz out you mouth when you breathe

exploit us
we are your paint so dip your fningers into us
and smear us across your page
our colors will stay suspended on the tounges of whoever read us
as precious as the rib cage of some sunken ship
at the bottom of mariannas trench

you speak us
we are the fibers that make up
the knot in your stomach
when you cant let us out
when you know what you want to say
but you cant find us

you think us
we'll come drifting into your genious
and like ghosts well haunt you
until you write us down
please don't be scared to grab a handful of us
out of your clever pink dome
let us stand on your tounge
proud as soldiers
and until we fly

you are lost for us
you trip over us
we are on the tip of your tounge
we are words

The author's comments:
this was fun to perform, i wrote this in a writing class, the assignment was to write a monologue so i decided to write about how articulating thought comes from knowing the right words.

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