May 30, 2010
By love-hurts__i-know SILVER, Decatur, Illinois
love-hurts__i-know SILVER, Decatur, Illinois
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"i don't walk through my life, i strut through it!"

Once i had a dream
A dream unlike any other dream
I dreamed of God
And talking to him.
We were on a Beach
Walking side by side
And when i turned around
All i saw was sand
And in front of me was my life
He walk me through it
All the memories
And Love
All the people Lost
And all the people Loved
And then i look down and see
Four foot prints in my life
And God says
"Two are for me,
And two are for you"
Then in a few seconds
I look down again
All i see are two foot prints
And I think they are for me
And me alone
I asked him
"Why is it that you left me
Why is it i'm alone
Why did you leave me
When i needed someone to hold"
God answers simply
"I would never leave you
Because when you only see
Two foot prints it's when I
Held you close and carried you
Through all the hard times you went
And all the troubles too."

The author's comments:
I never had this dream but i was inspired by the poem "Footprints" my mom loves this poem and keeps it hanging in the house and i love it too so i wrote my own version in what i child may think of something like this.

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