Self conscious

May 25, 2010
Help!! I'm trapped in a unstable mind of a beast. A beast with no morale conscious nor sense of peace. A beast with constant outburst of anger. Who lives his life on the edge for the feeling of danger. A beast who has lost to rage, has the strength but not will to turn the page. A beast without purpose filled with fear and deceit. I have the tools and the answers but I cannot defeat this beast, I reside in has takin me over created more problems for me than I can bear when I'm older. This beast has destroyed me as I sat by and watched him. I have givin my all but I just cannot stop him. Can you please assist me in this problem I'm going through or has your beast takin over and grabbed hold of you too? If so then were both stuck with no one to trust in. But wait, what if our beast was us all along friend?

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