Fell in Love

May 25, 2010
By TheUnheardPoet BRONZE, North Miami, Florida
TheUnheardPoet BRONZE, North Miami, Florida
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I can only be me.

I was walking along minding my business and it happend.
I fell, hard.
I got up dusted myself off and continued on my way.
Later on I stumbled a couple of times as if some force was pushing me so I would fall again.
It wasnt until a couple of weeks later that I realized I hadnt been down that road in a while.
I thought about the time I fell and how I felt no pain.
I wish that was the case now,
I looked at my knee and there it was, a bruise, as if on cue the pain began.
As I stared at my bruise, it along with the pain began to vanish before my eyes.
I grabbed my chest as pain shot though my heart.
A pain that only you can take away, if you're willing.

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