A Boy Named Sam

May 24, 2010
By Anonymous

A Boy Named Sam

Once upon a time a boy,
Who was known by the name of Sam,
Was trying to decide what he should do,
To get out of his unfortunate jam.

You see, young Sam was quite the boy,
He had the looks and skills.
Sword fighting easy, flirting no problem!
He was so good he gave everyone chills.

His problem however, was to decide between,
Romance or to stand for good,
He had the girl, but could fight like a champ,
Sam just wanted to do what he should.

The town lived in fear of only one thing,
The dragon that lived on Mt. Terror,
Sam was meant to defeat it, all thought that he could,
Just Sam and his trusty old mare.

Finally the choice was made,
Sam said he would defeat the beast,
He rode up Mt. Terror, with his sword and his mare,
And was shocked at the sight of yeast!

The smoke from Mt. Terror, had not been the dragon’s breath,
The “beast” had in fact been baking!
At the sight of Sam, the dragon asked him to sit down,
And join him for some cookies he had been making.

Turns out the dragon had a name,
The name was Gerald Trend,
A friendly fellow, an excellent cook,
And he was just looking to make a friend.

So after talking, and enjoying some treats,
Sam realized what he should say,
He invited Gerald, to come back to town,
And then asked him if he would stay.

So finally Gerald found some friends,
They would bake and cook all day.
There was peace in the land, and the hero was Sam,
Life was in perfect array.

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