Not caring

June 9, 2010
By DanysFace BRONZE, Rochester, Massachusetts
DanysFace BRONZE, Rochester, Massachusetts
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I have no idea..

I don’t care
These things they breathe down my neck make me wince and cry
The trees, snow, people and white walls that confine me are melting away with each scarlet reminder
I’m humiliated, scared, used and broken
Like a record from the disco age
My life is on repeat on song 6

I feel everything they throw, speak, and whisper about me
I don’t care about this life anymore I want anew
But I do, I don’t care that I have no voice for it is my choice
Do my hypocriticizes make sense? Not to you but to me the author of my tale

Book after book I splurge into to get away
I love what I see page after page but when don I am filled with sadness once again
I don’t care-
This life in monotone play by play is getting tiring and I am bleeding out
I grip what two hands on this life I lead
Hidden I keep it to not resemble my emotions are like weather

The author's comments:
I was having a very bad day at school and then it followed me home.

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