June 9, 2010
By Jackieeee BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
Jackieeee BRONZE, Tukwila, Washington
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We have 44 presidents in this century but were going back to the 31st president in our history.

Herbert Hoover was his name, now let us spit some game.

When Hoover won his election, he promised us prosperity and protection but the states entered a economic depression.

To deal with this problem, he bought livestock and farm crops to get himself some props.

Our economy was in a gash but yet everyone still purchased stocks with their cash.

No one knew it was coming but the stock market had crashed.

Hoover spent time helping larger companies. He didn’t really care for the ones in need.

People were getting fired left and right. Lowered wages made money really tight.

Citizens in a week made 60 cents to a dollar bill. They had no money to pay their bills.

They lost their homes and this wasn’t like the Beverly Hills.

These crappy towns were named Hooverville.

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