Just Jane

June 9, 2010
By EDDee BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
EDDee BRONZE, New Haven, Connecticut
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Dear Jane.

Dear Ben.

We were

We always were

fated to be.



There is a coffee shop, Jane

I remember that coffee shop

named after us.

called The Last Kiss.


I remember

That kiss in the rain

the coffee on your lips.

still lingers there.


But then...
There was a man.


We didn't see it

How were we to know

until he raised it to my face.

that he had a gun?


A f lash of red

His blood is still on the sidewalk.

and an eth erea l black ness .

The rain didn't wash it away.


I saw her

I saw him

As I rose.

As he fell.

She was cry ing.

He was smiling.

And Oh! the rain . . .

It still comes down.


It still comes down.


just Jane

The author's comments:
Look, it's a poem about love. How original.

It's a choreopoem, which means it is made from two different voices that speak seperately but can be joined together to form a different message...

I don't think it's even an official poetry form. That's okay!

I also wish I could pick some of my own art to go with my writing but I'm not at all sure how to do that.

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