"My Guide"

June 8, 2010
By Holmval10 BRONZE, Renton, Washington
Holmval10 BRONZE, Renton, Washington
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dont be conceited, dont be bashful, just be ME

My guide
You are like a map
The guide to all my quests
Gave me advice, stories and courage to help me pass tests
We dance; we Kidd; we joke
We converse.
We may fight, and argue everyday
Sticking up for one another,
That’s our way.
I love your personality, it illuminates through the dark
As colorful as a rainbow flying across the park
You are as funky as a pair of groovy antique glasses;
Making magic happen
You are like a black and white movie without words;
You are lucid, animated, controlling, and free;
Yet everything in between
Staying up late at night watching scary movies and raiding the fridge
Outside on the front porch laughing off the bad things we did
Riding in the car is like your world on wheels
The road unknown, dreams fulfilled
You are as strong as an Ox
Yet as gentle as a lamb
Like a puzzle of pieces fitting in my hand
How I love you so dearly for now and forever
You’ll be my sister through the rainiest weather
You are like a monkey;
You tease

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my older sister for her birthday, it is pretty self explanatory on my feelings for her and our relationship

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