Someone Else

June 8, 2010
Time is slowly slipping away.
Yesterday will never be the same as today.
Tomorrow is unknown, and life is not set in stone.

You choose the path that you follow...Be it good or bad. It was of your own making. You should leave it in the past.

Choices or mistakes may not be able to be taken back. But you can leave them in the dust, you dont have to be like that.

Time passes quickly. Sometimes too fast to tell. But somehow you seem to finally be able to reach that top shelf. You didnt know you were growing, but somehow you can see you did.

You grew a little everyday to reach the height you did.
Choose your freinds wisely, for some may just pretend. And when you need them most they will push you over the edge.

Dont let other people tell you what to be. You can be yourself without being just another sheep. You dont have to follow who seems like the leader, the person whos not might surprise you.

Just be yourself, and dont hold back. Dont let others scare you.

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