Far From Home

June 8, 2010
By TarynR SILVER, Florence, Montana
TarynR SILVER, Florence, Montana
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She runs as fast as she can
She must get away
Before she is swallowed by her problems.
She stops and takes off her shoes,
They are too protective.
She begins to run again,
Loving the pain of every rock under her feet.
She comes upon a stream.
That doesn’t slow her down,
She keeps going,
Pausing only to regain her balance.
She runs and runs until
She can run no longer,
She collapses under a tree and
Begins to cry.
She cries tears of love and hate,
Pain and confusion.
She cries and cries until,
Just like so many nights before,
She cries herself to sleep.
She dreams of a man.
She recognizes him,
But can’t remember why.
He holds out his hand,
She accecpts it.
He wraps her in a hug,
He hands her something.
The dream is over.
She wakes up and
Sees the object in her hand.
She smiles to herself.
She looks up to see a man
Disappearing into the distance.
She tries to catch up to him,
But he is nowhere to be found.
She knows what she has to do,
She clutches the Bible in her hands
And begins to run again,
But this time in the opposite direction.

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