Nothing Can Stand In My Way

June 8, 2010
By Petremi10 BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
Petremi10 BRONZE, Issaquah, Washington
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It’s a sunny day; nothing can stand in my way
And my mind, body, and soul is strengthened by running
In the distance, I see a hill
But it’s a sunny day, and nothing will stand in my way
The trees surround me, lean and green
The sky is blue, the breeze is cool
Birds sing and dance, as I run passed
It’s a happy day in this forest I live in at last!
No rain, no pain, nothing but glory to gain
I hear dogs barking, plants whistling as I run passed
Nature’s natural music rings in my ears
No fear, nothing but freedom and cheer
But this happiness does not last
My thighs burn as the hill seems steeper
Sweat drips down the side of my face
as the warm sun beams down on me
One, Two, Three heavy strides forward
Ten, thirty, forty, fifty, and the hill is gone
I see a path made of grey hard stone, nice and flat
I feel at last, this life and nature that surrounds me
‘cause it’s a sunny day, and nothing stands in my way

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote describing how I feel in nature and how much running means to me. I have had a stressful four years in highschool and running is one of the only activities I can do to release that stress.

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