How Could I Have Ever Loved Him?

June 5, 2010
By AshleyOB PLATINUM, Belmont, New Hampshire
AshleyOB PLATINUM, Belmont, New Hampshire
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today i asked myself, how could i have ever loved him? and as if on cue, your humor made me laugh so loud, i thought i was going to die. thirty minutes later, you asked if i was okay and if i needed help when you saw i was in pain. that little affection made me remember the real you. for a split second later on, your beautiful blue eyes locked unto mine and i had the quickest Heartbeat of Love. i loved you because you were funny. because you cared for me in a way that was so special, no one can ever replace. and because you made me fall for you faster and harder everytime you looked at me. but the biggest reason why i loved you is because you saw me in a way no one had ever before. and i was happy with you.
youre a loser and you need to go in a hole and never show your face to humanity EVERRRR again! ha

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