Silent Tears

June 5, 2010
Did you ever wonder what I go through every day?
Did you ever see, feel, hear, think the way I do?
No, because you don’t care.
No one does anymore.
No one looks back at the girl who cries on the bus,
or hugs the one struggling to smile, or talks to the
one that keeps it all in, or listens to tell a fake smile from a
normal one.
I'm hiding in the closet, not letting anyone know.
They can't all figure me out - it'll destroy it all.
My silent tears of hurt, pain, loss, loneliness, brokenness.
Everything's misunderstood.
Everything's a disaster.
I should just shut up and not let anyone care.
If people care they'll get hurt. I can't let that happen.
I have to make people forget about me.
I have to make myself drift.
I'll be a blur.
And people's lives will get better.
As my silent tears fall and I run farther away without even leaving
my seat.

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xxxVanessaxxx said...
Jul. 8, 2010 at 7:11 am

Hi, guys. I have finally gotten back to writing my poetry. I don't write on paper so much as I do online, now. Blogging and typing it out is so much easier. Review please, I want to know your feedback. Thank you,


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