Painted Love

June 5, 2010
By .blackbird.singing. SILVER, Franklin, Tennessee
.blackbird.singing. SILVER, Franklin, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
"your hair wants cutting."
-the Mad Hatter

Her painted body lay on the scorching pavement.
Bright colors covered her pale white skin.
Melancholy violet eyes stared up at me
As I knelt on blistered knees beside her.

Gently stroking her neck,
My gaze was fixed upon her pink lips.
Not once did my eyes wander from her face,
Although she was unclothed upon the ground.

Her crimson hair had fallen from its captivity.
And loosely did it lie beneath her head.
Oh, how I loved those fiery locks
That, on that sorrowful day, had my love like none before.

With a slender finger she beckoned me closer,
So close that I could feel her steamy breath.
And in a quiet voice she asked me
If I would follow her into eternity.

In silence, I wrestled off comfortable clothes
Until no cloth protected me from the wind.
I took the paint, and with a quiet reverence,
Covered myself in cool, wet circumstance.

Her painted body lay upon the scorching pavement.
Bright colors covered her pale white skin.
Newly decorated, I placed myself next to her,
And with a whispered “yes”, we fell asleep.

The author's comments:
I just really wanted to write something that had to do with love, and this just came to me.

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