Choose Wisely.

June 5, 2010
By calexandriaj BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
calexandriaj BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Vulnerable, or invincible?
As young people in our current day we feel like we have to choose which one will embody our adolescence.
So… vulnerable or invincible?
Will you live as the one who constantly relies on their youth as the reason of their mistakes?
Waiting to be told the information you haven’t learned just yet, wanting someone to learn the lesson for you?
Or will you live like there’s no tomorrow? Trying everything presented in front of your curious face.
Learning things the hard way, without a care in the world because you figure you should
“Make you mistakes while you’re young.”
And yes it’s true; you do and should learn from your mistakes. Yet that advice can be contorted different ways.
We must realize that mistakes don’t stop because we grow older, and there aren’t any fewer made either.
But while you and I are young, we should strive to find a balance between vulnerable and invincible.
Be the one who is smart enough to know what decisions not to make, but young at heart and fun-loving enough to take advantage of our carefree days.

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