Look Again

June 4, 2010
By kevintp SILVER, Anaheim, California
kevintp SILVER, Anaheim, California
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Look at her eyes. What do you see?
Blackness? Darkness? Now look again!
Gaze, watch, but don’t look for anything.
Magic reveals it, out of the darkness,
Wonders unimaginable.
Her black eyes of night transformed
Into a pure brown, unlike any found in nature,
The warmth of a tree but the clarity of a pool.
But look again! What do you see?
Patterns of reeds in the pools of trees,
And watch them grow, multiply,
Asymmetrical and random, but look again!
Symmetry and congruence, made by the most
Artful of craftsmen, with ways that
Are unknown to any hand.
But look again! Has it changed?
Earthly fire, erupting from dark pools,
As countenance changes fierce.
But look again! Again, it’s gone.
The pools are clear once more.

Look at the sky, the setting sun.
Don’t you see it? Bright and clear.
The colors, beyond any rainbow
Burst forth onto the many
Layers of cotton, joined together
With invisible twine. And the light,
How it reflects! Don’t you see?
How it falls on each other! How it lives!
A cool stream going forth
On smooth rocks, falling and
Running and joining once again,
But look again! As it all
Falls away with the dying sun.
Look once more! Watch as it goes,
Without pain or struggle or fear
But with a placid smile and weary warmth,
In a time of death, spreading happiness and joy
Once more to those watching it recede.

My friend, don’t you see?
The joy in this world comes to those who watch.
Beyond any countenance is a beautiful face,
Behind every veil is a wonder to behold.
The world can hide pain, but it also hides truth,
The truth of the joy in every turn,
And every corner of the earth is open
To those who open their eyes.
Watch the birds fly and dance,
The waves comfort and console the long wanting sands,
The clouds overhead, a painting, moving, taking new form.
My friend just hear! Listen!
The calls of birds, the songs they play,
Your heart, the deep rhythms coursing through veins,
Or silence itself, listen as it reveals more things
That you had never heard before.
Watch, things that you have never looked for
Reveal themselves, in their splendor.
Just stop, look again,
At the beauty of the world.

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