Time is Getting to Me

June 4, 2010
By sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
sevans1234 GOLD, Pacifica, California
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"Si tu viens n'importe quand, je ne saurais jamais à quelle heure, m'habiller le cœur." - Antoinne de Saint-Exupery

summer time already,
and i want to enjoy it all,
the wonderous sun,
the beautiful people,
the smooth sand,
but how can i when,
when i don't have you,
you to share it with,
days seemingly pass,
and feel like years,
and i have the feeling,
of starting to suffocate,
suffocate from not having,
having enough of you,
flowing through my bloodstream,
and when my parade is being stomped upon,
you're there to make the pain decinigrate,
and we all know that everything that glitters,
is most definately not gold,
but you are one of the very few things i know,
that most definately is,
and i wish you,
you could just appear on my steps,
to take me away from it all,
because i miss everything about you.

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