Just Know That...

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I'm sitting down
listening to love songs
realting every lyrics to us
tears are streaming down y face
thinking love hurts
I tried to beleive that things between us would work out
tried to live a fairytale
but I finally woke up
I'm tired of hoping for a call
for a sign
I got tired of praying to god
for you to find a reason to not let go
but Im still here writing poems
you made me feel butterflies
put a smile when we talked
had my heart skip a beat when I was waiting for you to pick up
had me shaking
made me feel anxious when you didn't call
had me replaying or conversations
flashbacks of our first kiss
It's hard to let go
I keep thinking of what never was
worse I imagine what could have been

The author's comments:
I think alot of girls can relate to this poem. I personally don't really think I would fall in love at this age but I think who doesn't feel like in love at this age.

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