I Hate Him

May 27, 2010
By EmilyPaige PLATINUM, Morris Plains, New Jersey
EmilyPaige PLATINUM, Morris Plains, New Jersey
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I hate him. A lot.
He made you forget.
Forget me completely.
You can't even see
Why I hate him so.
Want me to list the
Reasons? I so will.
One) You don't talk to
Me when he is with
Us. It's like I'm not
there. Thanks, that helped tons.
Two)He made you think
Like you don't have to
tell me anything.
You didn't tell me your
first kiss. I felt real
dissed. We've been friends since
we were in fourth grade.
Three) He's so full of
himself. I really
Want to punch him when
He reminds me how
"Awesome" he is (not).
Four)He's blinded you.
You can't even see
Why he annoys me!
But I guess I'm more
Upset with you the most
With you. You hurt me.
A lot. I'm still mad.
Beyond mad about
That time I had to
Third wheel with you two.
You want to know why?
Because when he asked if
I thought you two had
Kissed, I said that you
Are one of my best
Friends. That you would tell
Me because we are that
Close. But you didn't.
Instead, you made me
Stupid. And hurt. I
was ready to cry.
I wanted to scream,
Tell your mom just so
I could get back at
You. You know why? Like
I said earlier.
We're best friends. So I
Wouldn't want to do
Something like that. Y'know.
Betray and hurt you?
Something you should think
about. I hope this
Poem hurts. But not
Too bad. Because you
Are one of my best
Friends. I wouldn't want
To hurt you. At all.
By the way, You need
To know. I hate him.

The author's comments:
She knows who this is for.

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