under the sky

May 27, 2010
By lonely_1 BRONZE, Paris, Texas
lonely_1 BRONZE, Paris, Texas
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The night is cold and dusky
I stand not alone but in the shadows
For i am the leader of all silenced
We fight this unwinnable war not for ourselves
But for the pride of we keep inside
That it maybe a losing cause,
but it soothins and gives us some what salvation.
For that's all we live for.
We mustn't stand up or preach our feelings,
for we will let it go and wait for Armageddon.
We, me, you or they cannot judge ourselves but for when judgment day comes.
Some will burn in the fire in the pits of the underworld
others will depart the body,
leave this humanic place,
fly past all they knew,
they will open the gates to what waits fr us.
Everylasting life in the p[lace painted with snow.
but for now remain silenced and hidden in the darkness

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