I am Dyslexic

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I am Dyslexic and i accept that
I learn diffrently but I'm still smart
I learn by pictures
and by seeing objects
I am smart
even if I might struggle
I still try my hardest
I am dyslexic
but i am still human
i have a heart
and it is filled with love
I have a soul
the giggles and laughs
they hurt
why dont you understand?
Im trying
the words are dancing around the page
jumping and floating like the stars in space
the words are just so hard to read
so hard to concentrate
I am not stupid
I am not Dumb
I just learn diffrently
I am creative and talented
I can act and I can sing and dance
and create works of art
I can read and write
do science and math
I just need some extra support.
I am Modivated to do my best
I am successful
Dyslexia is not going to hold me back
it's just a stuggle in my life
That I will have to cope with
I am confident
I have a learning disability
but i call it a learning difference
I am proud of who i am
I am Dyslexic
I am not stupid
nor dumb or lazy
I am gifted
I am Dyslexic
and I am Proud

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