Roars, Whispers

May 27, 2010
By Violet Taylor BRONZE, Rohan, Other
Violet Taylor BRONZE, Rohan, Other
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The fire roars
With something more
Than the tickling warmth
Of its ferocious flames.

Maybe it's whispering
Of secrets untold
Like the whooshing wind through the treetops
At dawn on a blistery, blissfully white winter day.

Perhaps it is serenading
Of truths that are too well known
Truths we are so familiarized with
That they have been remolded, renamed, as clich├ęs.

So the blue eyed girl
Sits slouched in her chair, eyes fixed on the computer screen
As her mind swirls in a kaleidoscope
Thoughts making their way back to the roaring, whispering, serenading fire.

I could disclose
Of what the fire roars, whispers, and serenades about
But would there be any joy in it
If I did not leave it to your imagination?

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