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May 26, 2010
By arharrison GOLD, Girardville, Pennsylvania
arharrison GOLD, Girardville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Friendship is love with out his wings!" "never leave the one you love,for the one you like."

Taking small words out of my vocabulary,
Trying to forget all the love,passions and tears
of what was us
Putting it in the past,telling my heart to never love the
person of the past just love the moments
just love the little things of life,

Keeping hoping in one hand and faith in another,
the next moment can be just as good or even better
even if they anit the same
smilling to the beat of what is in front of you can
still light a room,

the sparks of light just like a soft kiss in a small dark
room that keeps re-happening
re-playing it in the back of your mind,trying to let go

knowing that today we make memorys for tomorrow,
even if they wnt last forever they are still the for some time,
memorys are only as great as we make them,with todays joy

watching whats next,looking for the smallest giggle to put a smile on ur face,
I love you for the annoying parts of life that end up great
the way you love me no matter what come out of my month,
If I lost you words could not even explain,

my mind is at a lost to even say this,
our moments are now just small memorys laying lightly in the
back of my head like small dreams,that can come a live
once in while on my face with a bight smille

our kisses makemy heart young again,remined me,
life is to short,you clean my mind,soul,and heart feeling
me with so many emotions just as if it was the frist time we
touched,you can only touch the same lip so many times
knowing that it is not the true love before your heart
starts to moving on.

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