Love Is Forever

June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

You chose the hard way
To get a point across
Your anger goes off to an unbelievable boiling point
You never believed in second chances
Not even one chance
Is one thing you did rarely
The strike you gave upon my skin
Leaves a symbol
A symbol which i can only see
For which you are too blind to notice my pain
But it reminds me why i have forgiveness
Left in softened heart
You words
Were slapped across my face
Forever will they burn
It was always my fault
Never yours
Was there ever a time
A time i felt free?
No, i was you prisoner, chained, my voice mute
It hurts me to say this
But I will never know what your love feels like
Deep down all the way to the top of my heart
I love you
Even though you might not feel the same way back
I will step through this cracked door
I won't look back
But i just want you to know
That i still love you...

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