Without a Face

June 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I was talking to a girl
On a chat site for strangers
She told me her name
Who's to know if it was a lie?
It brought a question to mind
"What is a name without a face?"
Does it hold a similar value?
Or any at all

In a place like this
Can a name,
A simple combination of taps,
Have any validity?

What separates the truth
From the facade of anonymity?
A woman
A man
A child
A pedophile
All the same in closed eyes

So do I believe this name?
This mask
This burden
Or do I move to the next stranger?
The next mask
The next burden

The epitome of ignorance
Lies behind the disguise
Created by these lies

Anyone can have name
No one can have your face

The author's comments:
This was from a site called "Omegle.com." I thought about how people trick others to get quick amusement. This is really just a message to remind people to make precautions before trusting what they are told. This applies to other chapters of life as well.

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