I write

June 2, 2010
By kevin johnson SILVER, Hanover, Maryland
kevin johnson SILVER, Hanover, Maryland
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I write
to get things off my mind
to let my mind unwind
off of these forced thoughts
the world has taught

I write
not for just me,but for the benifit of others
my flow helps when all your problems smuther
my pencil flows my pencil heals
everything my pencil writes is real

I write
its what i do
when all i had in this life i lose
When all is lost,without any clues
I pick up my pencil and let loose

I write
Not for fame
Not so people will remember my name
Not so any of my work would sell
But I write to free my mind from its cell

I write
cause in a world so cruel
The only one you need is you
and if my words will confort me
then let me,my pencil, and my paper live everlastingly

I write
and the things you dont see
Is that i dont write life,life writes through me

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