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Cold feet on the battlefield
Too late to run now
Guns held high, hearts beating fast
Platoon beneath the dirt of a six-foot bunker
Helmets brushing against the dirt
Dust swarms, and eyes start to water
Men are screaming
Shots fired from both sides
Man clutches his knees, rocking back and forth
Blood splashes on you arm
He dies in your arms
You knew him
Grenades thrown from one side to the other
Explosions block your eardrums, can’t hear a thing
Blood turns the green grass red, no more beauty here
Memories of home pop in your head, but you can’t go there
Not now
Wishing mom was there to tell you everything was ok
Machine guns blaring
Men with families die within sight
Battle is endless
Men are crying, losing manhood, begging to go home
Battle is over, but the war just began
Only a few make it out alive from both sides
Thousands lost, never a victory

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