Natural Segregation

June 2, 2010
By Luusenn BRONZE, Martinez, California
Luusenn BRONZE, Martinez, California
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Favorite Quote:
"Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted." --John Lennon

Sitting atop an ungrown tree,
i take notice to the indigo breeze
which now inconspicuously stalks my mind whilst
whispering discrepancies and legitimate lies.

and as i am submerged within a
lake of pure disorder, i
come to the realization of an
interesting truth:
darkness is the natural state of being, yet is
feared so much by those
born beneath the sky of blue.

why, even those who
deny the sun and instead serve
only the moon
prefer to shower in the light of the stars than bathe in the
darkness of a windowless room.

but why, oh why do we
fear the dark, which so naturally
surrounds our lives,
even in those brief, vacant moments
during which we
mask our shadows with sheets of light?

why, oh why do we loath so much
this shapeless entity who
chases us through
life, death and rebirth,
when it is this
physical manifestation of
pure anarchy that is
more natural than the
elements whom
compose our

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