it started as a crush

June 1, 2010
By alyssa_o BRONZE, Lakeside, California
alyssa_o BRONZE, Lakeside, California
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Don't think or judge. Just listen

When I first saw you I knew you were the one for me
only problem was we never got a chance to meet.
I would think it was silly it was only a crush
I'd see you in class and my heart would start to rush
I’d try not to stare at you whenever you were near
you would look at me and I would shyly look away in fear
Just that one look made my heart smile.

even before we met I felt a vibe between us
I’d look at you and I think I noticed you looking at me
I'd start to daydream about how it would be
if only you knew I liked you and if you liked me.
I got up my courage and had raelynn and Josephine speak
I thought I had a chance but you never talked to me
I still saw you looking and I was majorly confused
You had the advantage
you knew I liked you but I didn’t know if you liked me
Then I talked to Hannah, I don’t remember how you came up
She said she would talk to you
Even though I begged her not to

But as it appeared you maybe liked me too
It took you awhile to say I was cute
I still remember that day Hannah said you liked me
I text you with my number
And history was in the makin
Thoughts were racing through my mind.
Why does he wanna talk to me? What changed his mind?
Turns out you were shy and you felt the same way

And then finally the day came we were chillin at bk
You asked me out! I was so nervous and happy I could barely reply
I started to like you more. still a little unsure if you felt the same way
I felt a connection between us ever since the first day

the first day I saw you I liked you instantly
only problem was I was unsure if you liked me.
No longer am I unsure, no longer do I day dream
Because I love you and you love me
And my reality with you is better than any dream

My favorite place used to be tweets class
Cause it’s the only place I would see you
Now my favorite place is in your arms
And I still cant believe I get to be with you

You are my prince charming
And you call me your princess
I love to cuddle with you
Cause like a teddy bear
you are warm, soft and always there
I love you my dazzled tart

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my boyfriend(now ex boyfriend) on valentines day which was also our one month anniversary and i know its crazy to say i love him so soon but i knew it was true. "tweet" is our history teacher, the only class i had with him. "tazzled dart" is a nickname we used to call eachother, when i was eating sweethearts the were called dazzled tarts and he said your my litte tazzled dart, haha we didnt make sense when we were together but i loved being lost with him. but after awhile he changed his mind and its been abt 3 months and i still cant get him off my mind no matter how hard i try. he was my first love

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