June 1, 2010
By Sara Wright BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Sara Wright BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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I sat there frighten
Waiting as my friend waved over to her brother
She was 16, I was 5
I was depending on her to save us
Save us from the small peddle boat that floated in the middle of the lake
That we had been sitting on for close to a half a hour

Filled with fear, I look down at the water
I worried we would have to swim all the way back
I stared at the water harder
Trying to get rid of the thought
I smiled as she mumble to herself madly
On the outside I looked like I appeared peaceful
But on my inside I worried about everything
What if we sink? What if snapping turtles come?
I prayed so hard that they would see us

Then her brother saw us
He rushed inside
Moments later
Her dad and our siblings came for us on a motor boat
Heading right for us
I prayed they wouldn't hit us

He pulled up to us
He put out his hand like a superhero to a distress victim
I giggled and told him
"I thought you would never come!"
He smiled at me
"Would I ever let something happen to you"

No, he never would
I should have known that then, but I know it now
I trust him with my heart
Even if he is just a family friend
A man I see twice a year

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