Beautiful Soul

June 1, 2010
By sujuelf BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
sujuelf BRONZE, Ottawa, Other
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He has a face so bright that it could light up 1000 candles in a blink of an eye.
He has an enormous smile so sweet and compassionate like a place with no worries.
Cheeks large like those mischievous chipmunks that scurry about in gardens.
Mammoth eyes that sparkle like the many mysteries underneath the sea.

He has a figure as small as a single atom in the middle of the lifeless space.
He has a body so frail like a dying soul.
But has a mind that is strong like an indestructible shield
And is warm hearted like a soothing bubble bath.
His stomach is bloated from malnutrition and the contaminated water.

Used clothing is what you would find on his back.
Old like an undiscovered, ancient civilization.
His clothing is as small as a shrunken sock from the drier.
Yet he cherishes his clothing, cleans it when it gets dirty, and stitches it when it gets torn from play; like it was his first gift, his only gift…

He moves like a cheetah, rapid and swift like a champion dodge ball player.
He fidgets non-stop like a playful baby chimpanzee.
Skips like a carefree child, happy and full of laughter
And gives a smile to each person he sees, making brightening their day without caring for his.

Does he know how lucky he is to have eyes that only let him see the world optimistically? If others were in his place they’d probably feel sorry for themselves and their life.
Are his parents alive? Or have they died from aids…
Does he dream to have parents to take care of him?
How many beautiful souls are in his position…
And how can it be prevented?

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