Im Not Worried About You

June 1, 2010
Time is ticking away
my eyes are restless
my blood is flowing quickly
my heart drums
my hands shake
my head is spinning
tears drop,
who is the cause of this?
I almost thought this was real, i believed you when you lied,
now whether you stay or leave is up for me to decide
when you held me in your arms i thought you were the one for me
but now i realize misery needs company
i pictured my future with you, not without you
the only thing i do lately is constantly think about you
My heart goes sore to know you're only a friend,
i wish i would have known this before i let you in
time is slowing
my vision is clear
my blood flowing
my heart drums steady
my hands grasp a pen
my head is cleared
tears dry
who is the cause of this?
my freedom

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