Understanding What is Not Understandable

June 1, 2010
there are many things
i do not understand
explain them 1000 times
and the matter will still
puzzle me.

numbers. irrationality
the square root of pi
for example.
imaginary numbers
confuse me.

space. infinity.
if it never ends,
where does it begin?
whatever is on the other side
perplexes me.

time. continuality.
how we will never live in
or yesterday
puzzles me.

religion. science.
the ultimate match up -
evolution versus God.
what to believe
stresses me.

death. afterlife.
heaven? hell? reincarnation?
why nobody knows is because
nobody can come back to tell us
baffles me.

perception. deception.
how the view of oneself is twisted
because you can never see or hear yourself
without a mirror or a recorder
stumps me.

colors. awareness.
because we only see colors through
our own eyes,
maybe everyone sees them differently.
bewilders me.

humanity. hurt.
how emotions work
and the mind ticks
like a broken clock
mystifies me.

life. itself.
such an odd concept, yet without it,
you would not be reading this poem
which most likely
puzzles you.

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